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animated Videos

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animated Explainer Videos, a new twist on conventional videos

An Animated Explainer Video is a short, fun and informative video that can capture and retain viewers very effectively.
These Animated Explainer videos can be used in a lot of situations and are perfect when you want to teach, inform, inspire and a whole lot more.

DCH Presentations are a Business Video Production Company and our services are the number one choice for many businesses and organisations.


Below are some of the advantages of a Animated Explainer Video / DVD 

•    Presents a professional image of your company
•    Increases brand recognition
•    Increases confidence and trust in your business
•    Grab people’s attention
•    Explains who you are and what you do
•    Highlights your competitive strengths
•    Help you achieve your marketing and communication objectives
•    Complements and add strength and credibility to your other promotional materials


And the overall benefits to your business by having an Animated Explainer Video include:
• Increased customer base
• Increased sales
• Increased profits

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