DCH Presentations | F.A.Q
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Q. How much will it cost for a Video Production ?

A. Here at DCH Presentations we offer a cost effective service to suit all budgets. Each project is priced individually as every client has a different requirement, but with prices starting at only a couple of hundred pounds we can tailor your requirement to meet your budget. You only pay for what you want. Extras would include scripting and voice overs, extra cameras, etc. Please call us today for a no obligation chat about how we can enhance your business with Video.

Q. I think I want a video clip for my website but I don’t know what I want doing ?

A. Don’t worry, this is a common asked question. We speak to you first about what you want to achieve from it. What is the message you want to get across and who is your target audience. There is no obligation, in the unlikely event that don’t think a video will enhance your business then we will tell you up front.

Q. Can I use a short video clip on social media sites ?

A. Yes absolutely. Once your video clip is finished it can be uploaded onto You Tube. There is an embed code that can then be copied on to all of your social media platforms and also of course your own website

For more information contact us today!

Q. What will be the run time of the finished Video Production ?

A. It is all about getting your message across to your target audience in a time effective way without labouring it. A clip for a website could be anything from a few seconds to a few minutes although really a clip for a home page should not be more than 1 minute, it is a taster, something to get the viewer hooked. Put a longer video clip inside the website on a different page - this is something the viewer will watch maybe over a coffee once they have been hooked initially. The run time of a DVD will be different and depends on the subject matter.

Q. Does a video clip on You Tube help with webpage rankings?

A. Yes, You Tube is owned by Google. The video needs to be properly tagged and have a description but we can do all of this for you.

Q. Can you supply a ‘Voice Over’ for my Video Production ?

A. Yes, we use either male of female as required, and we can also supply the script . We use expert marketeers for both the composing of the script and the voice over. By using the same person we find that the script will be written as it will sound and not just as how it looks on paper.

Q. What geographical area does your Video Production company cover?

A. We cover all market sectors in all geographical areas