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Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Video

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Shooting against a green screen has several benefits and provides a lot of good creative options for use in post-production. Here are a few reasons to film a subject in front of a green screen:


Green screen provides flexibility in dealing with multiple locations. Rather than developing a set in different office locations, you can use a green screen environment. It adds a level of consistency in case one office looks a lot better than another.


On that note, the portability of green screen is very helpful. It is a pretty quick and easy set up and we can take it anywhere

Save Time

By using a green screen, it avoids having to wander around an office looking for props or other colourful elements to add to the background.


Shooting green screen means that we can achieve consistent contrast and colour.


Green screen interviews also provide a great opportunity to brand the piece with a company’s identity. Textures, colours and other branding elements can be added to the background in order to make the video standout. The green screen also allows the video to be modified if an organization changes branding, we just change the background.

Extended Usability

Shooting all your interviews against a green screen makes it easier to revisit projects in the future, and update any changes that might have taken place with company branding. In addition, we can shoot extra interviews in the future and easily incorporate them in the existing video.

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