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Online Videos

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Have you considered using promotional on-line videos to communicate to a larger audience?


Online video grows your business:

  • 80% of people who see your online video will view it
  • 55% of people take action after viewing online video


A professionally-produced optimised online video clip for your website gives site visitors an instant, live view of your business, product or service. It is the number one marketing tool for all businesses and it is an affordable, critical part of your online marketing budget.

Video is one of the most important marketing materials for businesses today!

We can produce your video clip not only for your website but also for  a host of other web based platforms including all of your internet social media outlets. We will fully optimise your  web videos, complete with QR code for ease of viewing by smart phone.


People visiting your site need something to grab their attention. They’re looking for a visual experience and they’re just like you when you surf the web. You usually stop and pay closer attention when something catches your eye.


When you place your business on the net, you’re given a set of tools to work with to tell your story – text, graphics, audio & video. Each has its place and purpose and each has its strengths and weaknesses.


DCH Presentations are an online video production company and we can guide you in the right direction so that you will gain the most from your investment in an online video.

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