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Training Videos

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Training Videos / DVDs are a Cost Effective Training Tool


Take away the hassle of lengthy training sessions by having your own exclusive, in-house training video production from DCH Presentations. Easily advise your new staff on the routines, procedures and processes that keep your business running smoothly.


Training videos and training  DVDs are very often used for induction purposes for new staff and most people will see at least one of them in their working life. However, the production can also be used for a multitude of other applications. For example, if a new piece of technology is introduced into your company, then a training video is the ideal way to get the information on how to use it across your entire workforce as quickly as the technology needs to be incorporated. It could take weeks to train the staff in individual or group sessions, so costs can be saved on both training, and time.


Training videos can also be used to train staff on new policies, health and safety issues, customer service standards, or simply the latest sales features on a new product. When you have to train a wide and geographically diverse audience, a training video production can be the ideal means of getting the information through your company in the fastest and most cost effective way.

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